Improving The Quality Of Your Air With Heating And Cooling Unit


Benefits Of Heating And Cooling Unit To Improve The Air You Breathe


Families and property owners who are purchasing and installing heating & cooling units in their property are usually not aware of the risks or dangers of using an AC for cooling compared to other appliances like fans. If the AC unit is old and not well maintained it could adversely affect the air quality in the room. 


The AC unit has filters that collect dust and bacteria from the air in the room. Some of this dust will also accumulate on the walls of the ducts and other components in the AC unit. Since the humidity levels in the AC unit are high, and temperatures are low, bacteria will also flourish in the AC.


So if the AC unit is not well maintained, the filters are not cleaned or replaced periodically, the dust which is collected in the ac will remain inside the appliance. Additionally, bacteria and mold will also flourish inside the AC unit, which is not cleaned regularly. 


The cooled air from the AC unit, which is blown back into the room will contain some of the dust, harmful mold, and bacteria. This will adversely affect the air quality inside the house and could cause allergies and health problems for the family members as well as others.





How Can A New AC Unit Naturally Refine The Indoor Air Quality


While cleaning the air filters in the AC unit periodically can improve the air quality in the room to some extent, it is advisable to purchase a new air conditioner to replace the existing AC unit after it has been used for a few years. Though cleaning will remove some of the dust and bacteria, it will not remove them completely. 


The new AC unit will have new filters and use better technology to prevent bacteria, mold and dust from entering the AC. Since the filters are new, they have no dust, and the air quality in the area will automatically improve.


AC manufacturers are realizing that the bacteria and other harmful microbes in the AC are the main reason for the health-related problems related to the AC. So new technology for developing antibacterial products, especially anti bacterial filters is being developed constantly. 


Hence the new AC unit will have better filters which will eliminate almost all the bacteria compared to the older filters. So experts believe that investing in a new AC with the latest technology is the most effective way to improve the air quality





Can Unclean AC Filters Make The Allergy Worse?


Often families and businesses are using old AC units, units which are used for many years. Often due to lack of time, money, or difficulty in finding spares for replacement, the air filters of the AC unit are not properly cleaned or replaced. Initially, the bacteria, dust, and other microbes will accumulate in the filters and will soon spread in other areas of the AC unit. So the cooled air will contain dust, harmful microbes which can cause allergies, illnesses, and other health problems. Hence it is better to replace the AC unit, or at least properly clean it.