Does Your Air Conditioning Unit Need Replacement Or Repair?




With it being extremely hot outside the only thing that gives us comfort is our air conditioner. Even if our AC does not work for a few hours it is enough to drive us crazy.


However, since an AC is but an appliance, it may stop working or may not work as efficiently as it used to earlier. In such a situation, replacing your AC is a good option. But, how do you know it is time to get your air conditioner replaced? Well, continue reading, and you will learn how.



Guide That Tells You Need AC Replacement

Often we ignore many signs that suggest there is something wrong with our AC and a replacement is necessary, including –

  • Age


You can expect an air conditioner to last you around 10 to 12 years. If, however, your AC is already 15 years old, then it will be wise if you choose to replace it.

  • Fluid Leaks


Do you find liquid near your outdoor unit? Apart from a little condensation, there should never be fluids coming your of your AC unit. Depending on how severe the leak is, you may have to consider a replacement.

  • Unusual Noises


Is your AC making too much noise lately that does not seem normal? This may indicate your AC is not in a proper condition anymore and must be replaced.

Uneven Cooling


Do some areas in your home get cooled better than the others? If your AC is not cooling your entire home evenly, then perhaps it is time you get it replaced.


Choosing A New Air Conditioning Unit


Now that you have decided you will replace your AC, the next thing you need to do is to find the best one. This task is not as easy as it seems. Your new AC unit will cost you quite an amount and will last you for at least 10-12 years or more. So, you have to be very careful while selecting one.


Instead of doing guesswork and buying just about any AC and regretting it later, it will be wise if you call an AC technician for help. Since they are experts and have years of experience in this field they easily will be able to suggest the best air conditioning unit for your needs.


An AC technician will visit your home, understand your requirements, and keeping in mind your budget, will suggest the best options that you can choose from. Remember, if you take the guidance of an AC expert, you just cannot go wrong with your purchase.


Does Repairing Your AC Is A Good Option?


Though fixing AC problems may be the only option at times, it is not always the case. Chances are, your AC may be in a state that can still run for years with just a little repair work done.


This is again something that only an AC technician will be able to confirm. So, you must call one to figure out whether you just need a little repair work done or it is time for you to replace your AC unit.